Wednesday, January 11, 2017


ProFacial offers a 4-in-1 multi action facial with advanced technology to deep cleanse, exfoliate, tighten, renew and deeply hydrate the skin. 
Aqua Peeling
  • Lactic Acid (AHA substance receptive)
  • Salicylic Acid (BHA and fat soluble)
  • Highly enriched hydro-essence containing EGF element
Deep cleansing and peeling utilizing the three solutions
Multipolar RF
  • Create heat in the tissue by safe, low-electricity, high frequency energy(RF)
  • Collagen remodeling, melting fat and cellulite cell, blood circulation
Ion Lifting
  • Stimulating skin tissue, muscle, hair by using (+)(-) current
  • Providing skin elasticity and hair bounciness and improving transdermal delivery of cosmetics through iontophoresis
  • Micro vibration through cyclic ultrasound wave
  • Activation of lipolysis and diffusion process, skin massage effect, purification effect, thermal effect, skin regeneration and improving transdermal delivery of cosmetics

·         Deep cleanse and clear pores
·         Exfoliate and renew skin
·         Deeply infuse and hydrate
·         Reduce acne breakouts and blackheads
·         Stimulate collagen production
·         Improve skin texture and elasticity
·         Melt unwanted fat on 'double chin' 

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